xsimlab.runtime(meth=None, args=None)

Function decorator applied to a method of a process class that is called during simulation runtime.

  • meth (callable, optional) – The method to wrap (leave it to None if you use this function as a decorator).

  • args (str or list or tuple, optional) –

    One or several labels of values that will be passed as positional argument(s) of the method during simulation runtime. The following labels are defined:

    • batch_size : total number of simulations run in the batch

    • batch : current simulation number in the batch

    • sim_start : simulation start (date)time

    • sim_end : simulation end (date)time

    • nsteps: total number of simulation steps

    • step : current step number

    • step_start : current step start (date)time

    • step_end: current step end (date)time

    • step_delta: current step duration


The same method that can be called during a simulation with runtime data.

Return type