Install xarray-simlab

Required dependencies

Optional dependencies

Install using conda

xarray-simlab can be installed or updated using conda:

$ conda install xarray-simlab -c conda-forge

This installs xarray-simlab and all common dependencies, including numpy and xarray.

xarray-simlab conda package is maintained on the conda-forge channel.

Install using pip

You can also install xarray-simlab and its required dependencies using pip:

$ pip install xarray-simlab

Install from source

To install xarray-simlab from source, be sure you have the required dependencies (numpy and xarray) installed first. You might consider using conda to install them:

$ conda install attrs xarray dask zarr numpy pip -c conda-forge

A good practice (especially for development purpose) is to install the packages in a separate environment, e.g. using conda:

$ conda create -n xsimlab python attrs xarray dask zarr numpy pip -c conda-forge
$ source activate xsimlab

Then you can clone the xarray-simlab git repository and install it using pip locally:

$ git clone
$ cd xarray-simlab
$ pip install .

For development purpose, use the following command:

$ pip install -e .

Import xarray-simlab

To make sure that xarray-simlab is correctly installed, try to import it by running this line:

$ python -c "import xsimlab"