Release Procedure

How to issue a xarray-simlab release in a few steps:

  1. Ensure local master branch is synced to upstream:

    $ git pull upstream master
  2. Check whats_new.rst and the docs. Make sure “Release Notes” is complete (check the date!) and if needed add a brief summary note describing the release at the top.

  3. If you have any doubts, run the full test suite one final time!:

    $ pytest xsimlab -vv
  1. On the master branch, commit the release in git:

    $ git commit -a -m 'release v0.X.Y'
  2. Tag the release:

    $ git tag -a 0.X.Y -m 'release v0.X.Y'
  3. Push to GitHub:

    $ git push upstream master --tags
  4. Publish the release on GitHub: go to the repository’s URL, follow the releases link, click on the Draft a new release button, select the tag of this release, add a title (e.g., the tag name) and a description (e.g., the summary added in whats_new.rst).

  1. Before build the package and upload to PyPI, make sure that you didn’t make a local install using pip (maybe due to .egg-info conflict, this make cause issue with the packaged version on PyPI, which may be unusable and this is irreversible!). For steps 8 and 9 below, either you can switch to another local clone of the repository (clean and up-to-date!! repeat step 1 if needed), or first clean the repository from build/dist files and/or all git untracked and ignored files (if you don’t mind losing them):

    $ rm -rf dist build */*.egg-info *.egg-info
    $ git clean -xfd
  2. Build source and binary wheels for PyPI:

    $ python bdist_wheel sdist
  3. Use twine to register and upload the release on pypi. You will need to be listed as a package owner at for this to work. Be careful, this is irreversible!!:

    $ twine upload dist/xarray-simlab-0.X.Y*
  4. Update conda-forge. Clone and update the version number and sha256 in recipe/meta.yaml (check also dependencies). Submit a pull request (and merge it, once CI passes). Note: on macOS, you can calculate sha256 with:

    $ shasum -a 256 xarray-simlab-0.X.Y.tar.gz
  5. Add a Section for the next release (v.X.(Y+1)) to doc/whats-new.rst.

  6. Commit your changes and push to master again:

    $ git commit -a -m 'Revert to dev version'
    $ git push upstream master